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It's a war between your werewolf pack and the Human Sovereignty Movement! Lead the pack to victory before extremists turn your packmates against each other.
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Choice of Games LLC
Mar 27, 2022
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Download Free Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality Mod APK latest version 1.0.6 with unlimited money cheats. With this mod pack,  you can form a great defence against other clans. Unlock your unstoppable power of imagination.

Werewolves 2: pack mentality mod apk

Description Of Werewolves 2: Mentality Pack

Werewolves 2: pack mentality mod apk is a RPG role playing game published by a famous RPG game publishing company Choice of Games LLC.

This game is available on Google PlayStore at the price of ₦1,430.00 but we will make it available for download for free on this page.

This game is entirely a text-based RPG game, it doesn’t have graphics. The idea behind this game was originated from a 360,000 word interactive novel in Jeffrey Dean’s acclaimed ‘Claw, Shadow, and Sage’ series where your choices control the story.

Werewolves 2: Pack mentality Storyline

It’s a war between your werewolf pack and the Human Sovereignty Movement! Your mission is to lead your werewolves pack to victory before extremists turn your team against each other.

This thrilling sequel to “Werewolves: Haven Rising” seamlessly integrates your choices and experiences into a new tale of survival and loyalty, desperation and betrayal.

Now you have escaped from the detention camp and experiencing what it feel like to move freely. Your mission is to release other werewolves who are still an underground military prison named “The Nail”, it a special prison for werewolves.

The challenge in this game is integrating the new liberated wolves into you team, testing bonds and straining leadership to the breaking point.

In your fight for freedom, you’ll confront the phantom of your father and his legacy of self-hatred, as well as the opposing fanaticism of werewolf supremacists more interested in domination than peace. In the end, the greatest threat to your pack’s survival may be what you fear most, as your inescapable feral nature threatens to tear your newly-forged pack apart!

Game Missions

  • You can play the game in any gender of your choice either as a male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, or bisexual.
  • Discover an underground military prison to save other wolves of your species.
  • Survive the feral madness that make members of your new pack to fight against each other.
  • Either stand in solidarity with a bloodthirsty new packleader, or work to undermine them at every turn.
  • Interact with a diverse cast of new characters alongside your old favorites!
  • Explore two new potential romances, continue your relationships from Haven Rising, or go it alone in an increasingly chaotic world.

Download Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality Mod APK

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