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Virtual Top Up (VTU) Airtime Business In Nigeria

Selling or Vending Virtual Top Up Airtime(VTU) or mobile Top Up Airtime of major telecommunication companies such as MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat is now easy and anyone who is serious can make money from it.

Analysis by NCC shows that we have over 149 million active GSM lines in Nigeria as at June 2016. The telecoms average revenue per user in Nigeria is N2,000 per month. Monthly airtime usage per month is N260 billion.

VTU (Virtual Top Up) vending is a HIGHLY LUCRATIVE Business and smart Nigerians like us have joined because it is easy.virtual top up business in Nigeria 2018

Let me ask you a question, “Where and how do you buy airtime for your phone?” Probably through recharge cards, through a website (quickteller) or maybe airtime top-up from your bank’s mobile platform.  I think buying through recharge cards is mostly used.

The simple fact is that if you are still buying recharge card, from a website or from your bank’s mobile platforms then you are sincerely losing money.

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Check this out, when you top up your phone airtime via bank account on ATM or any other means, your bank makes as low as 5% from your purchase and sadly you make 0% or even loose further from the SMS you received for topping up (SMS charges). If you multiply 5% commission made by banks from millions of bank customers nationwide from every VTU transaction you will be amazed by the amount you will come up with.

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The truth is that you can do this VTU vending business without necessarily having any CERTIFICATE, COMPUTER, HUGE CAPITAL, WEBSITE/BLOG or having to REGISTER your business name. Yes, it’s that easy.

You can start a VTU business with as low as N1,000 – N7,000 with just an internet enabled smartphone and my Virtual Top Up Vending Guide.We now have a new innovative and more effective approach to VTU Vending. This has taken care of the demerits of the orthodox way (SIM loaded VTU) of vending VTU.

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With our application and VTU Vending Guide you can;
1.    Use one phone to sell VTU for all major GSM networks by downloading the VTU Vending Mobile Application or using the web platform.
2.    Make 3-5% profit on all your VTU Recharge.
3.    Dispense VTU airtime from as low as N1 for MTN and from N45 on others (GLO, Airtel, Etisalat) to as high as N999,999.
4.    Sell or dispense odd amounts such as N45.12kobo or N56 etc
5.    Start vending VTU for all major GSM networks with as low as N1,000 to N7,000. You do not need a huge capital to start.
6.    Solve the problem of looking for change after transactions.
7.    Get your own share from the over N260 Billion naira spend on airtime in Nigeria with very little capital
8.    Create your own resellers and corporate customers (distributor only) who make money for you even why you are sleeping.

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