Tricks On How To Win Bet9ja Everyday In 2022

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As we all know that Bet9ja is the leading  bet prediction site in Nigeria for your high odds and the best live betting service. But the problem at hand is not being able to win the games.

In this post am going to show you Tricks on How to win Bet9ja Soccer Prediction And Smile to the bank just follow the steps below to catch the whole gist .

Bet9ja Betting Terminology 

Before we proceed I will like to explain the meaning of some betting terminologies to some newbies who are new into the system so that we all can drive together.

Meaning Of Bet9ja ODDS

Odds in Bet9ja or any others soccer Bet, simply represents the price tag place for each team. it is written as a decimal number. The more you bet, the more familiar you become with the possible outcome of each Odds.

Example:  Chelsea vs Arsenal has  2.48 and 3.50 respectively. If you place a bet that Chelsea will win.  Whatever amount you bet with, will be multiplied by the Odd given to the team you chose to win. That is If you bet the above game with 100 Naira and choose Arsenal to win your possible 350 Naira i.e Odd Multiplied by Amount

[box type=’info’ radius=’9′]NOTE: Odd is very importance in betting, the bigger the odd, the higher the risk which lead to big money and higher impossibility to win. the lower the odd, the higher possibility of winning and lower price.[/box]

Booking Code

The booking code is the number used to represent each match. It is very important to know the code of each game you bet, especially if you want the cashier to place your bet for you. ode is an identifier e.g Chelsea vs Arsenal with a code of 3405WWJ. Just know the code that is all. you can write a set of codes without writing the teams, take it to cashier. they will understand.

How To Win Bet9ja Predictions 2019

Let’s go straight to the point, here am going to share with you guys some of the tricks that works for me though not all the time, You need a certain amount of luck to win but this tricks I want to show you will definitely work for you if you apply wisdom.

  1. Don’t be too greedy: For you to win Bet9ja you should not be too greedy, Imagine to stake a bet with N100 and you want to win N20m. That’s could be possible only if you a Prophet or a friend to someone who knows a prophet, it would be very difficult to win it. Keep your greed if you are willing to win. Some people having being playing for years now without winning. Greed will make you target high odd which will eventually give you big money but you may not win.
  2.  Don’t bet too many games instead bet only good odds: If you wish to win bet frequently, limit the numbers of games you bet. In fact bet minimum of 10 games with good odds. Avoid bet slip that looks like a belt
  3. Check The Previous Performance Of The Team You Choose: Don’t just choose a team because  it has lower odd, research very well on their previous performance before you place your bet. Check the last games, study the statistics very well before you play. Many a time history counts.
  4.  Play running ticket: What do I mean When I say running tickets? Running ticket are tickets that will last for some day, a times weeks which will help you to select teams that are likely to do well instead of betting on a again that will last for a day and at the end you will lose.

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