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The PC-exclusive race Earthguards is coming roaring back, along with a new class, Blade Souls! Also, a new city, Tellus City, is added to the map—which is a huge, impregnable fortress built by Earthguards as part of their long struggle to fend off the Wraiths. A seamless open "Perfect World" that has fascinated millions of PC players with its boundless sky, vast land, and bottomless sea is now being replicated on mobile devices down to every detail, presented in stunning next-gen graphics.
Perfect World Games
Updated April 26, 2022
Version 1.538.0
Requirements 5.0 and up
Size Varies with device
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Download Perfect World Mobile Mod APK + OBB latest version for Android. Enjoy this top-notch Role-Playing Game with unlimited Gold Ingots in your gaming account. Build a home that fits your tastes.

Overview Of Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile is one of the best RPG games of 2019, this game was published by Perfect World Games on March 6th, 2019, and has been downloaded and appreciated by many. The game revolves around the legendary story of China.

Perfect world mobile mod apk

Perfect World Mobile game originated an ancient Chinese story of the sky and other heavenly beings. God created heaven and earth, there are five main supernatural elements from which all the things on earth were formed from which are: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth. Each of these elements is being governed by other small gods.

There exist an uncommon relationship between the gods and the inhabitant of the earth. This connection enables the gods to transmit energy from their habitation to earth. Whenever they are not on good terms with the activities of the inhabitant of the earth, the spirit will be weak and meet the great tribulation

So, one day the five gods governing these 5 elements openly fight for the belief of the inhabitants of the world. Now players will face nightmarish creatures, in their fight to restore Perfect World to the heavenly place it was.

This game itself takes the theme with 3D graphics that has day and night changes including weather conditions. Perfect World Mobile also includes open-world games that allow players to explore various places.

Perfect World Mobile

Some of the best features found in the PC version are also in the mobile version, such as costumes to mounts and also quite a variety of character customization.

Features Of Perfect World Mobile

  • Massive continent – 60,000 square kilometers panoramic three-dimensional map for players to explore
  • Perfect World Reinvigorated – next-gen graphics bring new life to the beloved places of Perfect World with realistic light and shadow effects
  • Long-loved playable races – playable races of humans, Winged Elves, and the Untamed
  • Rich class choices –  experience the classes from the original game, each class brings its own distinct characteristics
  • Unique flight system – take to the skies with the flight system found in the original game
  • Epic combat – engage in combat in the air, on land, or in the oceans
  • Spirit-based skill enhancement system – immerse yourself in the balance of Yin and Yang
  • Oriental-inspired art style

Download Perfect World Mobile MOD APK

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Perfect World Mobile mod apk helps you acquire unlimited gold ingots. You can enhance your character skills to become stronger.

Features Of Perfect World Mobile MOD APK

  • Unlimited Gold Ingots
  • No need to root
  • Install the apps directly on mobile
  • SSL Secured Encryption
  • Easy User Interface
  • Fasts loading


Perfect World Mobile is a great role-playing game that keeps you entertained through epic battles. With high-quality graphics, the game simulates a vast fantasy world for those who love adventure and exploration. Enter the war of the gods and gain the ultimate power!

What's new

1.New Class: Blade Soul
2.New Race: Earthguard
3.New Map: Tellus City
4. Max level raised to A3 Lv.59
5. New Party Dungeon: Swamp of Souls
6. New System: Pneuma Affiliation
7. New System: Artifact Mapping