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Next Month, Yahoo Messenger Will Be Terminated

If you didn’t use this chatting app, please when next we see… lie flat and call me uncle! Sho mo age mi ni?

Anyway… Yahoo Inc. announced it will stop their Messenger service effectively on July 17th.

Although users can still use this service until next month, Yahoo Messenger will stop working after that date.

“We know we have a lot of loyal fans who have been using Yahoo Messenger early on as one of the first chat apps. Because the communications landscape is constantly changing, we are focused on building and introducing new, exciting communication tools that better suit the needs of consumers,” said Yahoo.

For loyal fans who have to replace Yahoo Messenger service with other Yahoo services. Yahoo recommends Yahoo Squirrel, a group messaging app.

The good news is that you can download chat history to your personal computer or device for the next six months. In addition, your Yahoo ID will continue to work for other Yahoo services, such as Mail and Fantasy.

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