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Tweakware VPN Cheat On MTN Mpulse Free Data

We have been enjoying MTN mPulse with http injector config. cheat which has worked well for sometime now, but today comes another cheat with same MTN mPulse plan but this time around working together with tweakware vpn to power all your apps.

MTN Mpulse Tariff Plan

For those who don’t know about this new MTN tariff plan, MTN mPulse Unlike the MTN Pulse, was a tariff plan created for kids and teenagers between the ages of 9 – 15 years. This prepaid tariff plan comes with amazing mouth drooling offers especially in the aspect of data for browsing.

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Tweakware Mpulse Cheat

Below are the tips to guide you through in activating your MTN free browsing cheat with Tweakware vpn, follow the steps procedurely to get the full tweak working perfectly on your device


  • Tweakware app vpn (link is at the end of the post)
  • Mpulse config file (link is at the end of the post)
  • MTN sim (3G or 4G )

How to activate mpulse cheat

  • Download the configuration file
  • Open your tweakware app
  • Go to settings and select import tweak
  • Go to the folder that has your downloaded config and select it
  • Go back to the homepage of your tweakware and select import Tweak as your choice
  • Connect and Enjoy!

Download Tweakware VPN MTN mPulse Config File

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