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Most untapped ways to make money online in Nigeria

There are so many ways to become an online earner in Nigeria, Here, we will be talking about the most untapped ways to make money online in Nigeria. Since we have been seeing many online businesses, they have been filled with competitions which makes it harder day by day to just jump into any one of them.

You see people who are involved in different online jobs at a time:

  • freelancing
  • blogging
  • affiliate marketing and so much more

What you do not know is that these online jobs are getting over crowded day by day and there is nothing you can do to stop it. “If you can’t beat the crowd, you join them” – well, not necessarily as I have come to discover some other online jobs that people are not yet rushing.

First, let me give you some of the online jobs that are getting over crowded day by day. So you know what you sign up for when you invest in any of them. Without, a considerable amount of knowledge on these online jobs, you might end of frustrated and quit.

Some of them are:

Blogging: This should not be a surprise to anybody. Thee are over 1 million blogs out there that are competing with each other. If you don’t have a knowledge of this and just want to join, you might just quit right before you start.

Freelancing: If you have ever tried freelancing at least once in your life, you will notice that it gets harder to get clients day by day and it is not very easy. More proposals, less clients.

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Affiliate marketing: This is not totally competitive but considering that you need a blog to run this well, we might just add it among the most competitive ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Youtube channel: There are many youtube channels in the world today and many of them are just doing same thing. If they are not teaching tutorials, it will be movie reviews, comedy or football. If you can stand out here, then you may as well give it a trial.

Those are the most competitive work from jobs so it is not really advisable to go into any of them in this period but it doesn’t mean there are no untapped ways to make money online in Nigeria. After thorough research, I realised that many people do not use this methods and they do not like to get involved because it requires capital or they have little knowledge. But trust me, these ones are lucrative and easy to start.

Untapped ways to make money online in Nigeria

  1. Mini importation: There is one cool thing I love about this, it is very lucrative. Mini importation is just when you order cheap goods from foreign  countries right here in Nigeria and sell it at an higher price on an online store. To start a mini importation business, you need at least N5000 at and but it doesn’t mean you can not just start with N1000 also. You need to know what is in demand in your vicinity or wherever you want to sell your product. You can create an online store for it or have a little shop. It is really cool and profitable.
  2. Drop shipping: This is also a very cool business which is just like mini importation. The only difference between mini importation and drop shipping business is that in mini importation, you get to see who you are selling to while in drop shipping, you just order directly to your buyer’s location and have it delivered straight to them instead of you. The buyer pays directly to you and you help them order online at a cheaper price and get it right in front of their door.
  3. Adsense vendor: There are some people who actually make cool amount of money buying and selling adsense accounts. Some of them gain approval themselves and sell to other people  at a higher price. They do not spend anything in gaining the approval but there are people willing to buy at a very high price. Why is this so? Adsense has a lot of strict policies and many people can not meet those policies so they just buy adsense accounts and set it up on their blogs.
  4. Information marketing: This is the most cool untapped way of making money online. There are may people who are engaged in information marketing and are making six figures  monthly from it. if you are good in writing or teaching, all you have to do is package an ebook and sell it for people to come and buy. You can sell it on ebay, etsy, amazon or even on social media. Once your book contains what people are looking for, they will surely buy it. However, this can be time consuming and energy consuming. Putting together quality information in one ebook is not a joke and you must create attractive covers to get the attention of whoever you are willing to sell to.
  5. SEO services: If you learn SEO, this will be a good addition for you because so many individuals, bloggers and businesses are looking for SEO experts that will take their blog to the first page of search engines. Once you hit the first page, you will start having sales and lots of organic traffic so they want to hit that front page and get as many customers as possible. They higher experts everyday to help them achieve that. You only need to advertise yourself.
  6. Become an online tutor: So many people want to learn many things online but they do not know who to meet. You can become an online tutor and teach different things like digital marketing, social media marketing., email marketing, even academic related stuffs like math, English and your own native language.  This brings in a lot of money every month and people also subscribe to buy your courses. If you love teaching people, then do not hesitate to enter this business. It might just be your calling.
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So those are the six most untapped ways to make money online in Nigeria. I hope you invest on anyone of your choice.

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