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How to minimize data usage in android phone

Smartphones basically connect us to the rest of the world. We rely on smartphones to provide us with information, news, entertainment and networking. As a result, we install multiple applications to ensure that these needs are met. Unfortunately, these apps drain data. However, there are various ways to manage smartphones to reduce your data usage.                               Here are 5 ways:

1. Set Data Usage LimitData usage limit

Most of the android phones come with an in-built data monitoring feature which can be found in your phone’s setting panel. This feature on android OS helps you to see how much data each of your apps are consuming, therefore helping you to know the app to limit its data usage. It is however pertinent for you to set up data usage limit or notification if you want your data conserved.

2. Use Wi-Fi to Share and Update Files or AppsUse wifi

Sharing and updating of large files or apps with your mobile data can consume your data. If you want to conserve your data when sending large files, then it’s important for you to connect to your office, home or other location’s Wi-Fi to reduce data consumption.

3. Install Opera Max to Compress DataData saving in opera max

Opera Max is an app that helps you to conserve your data when using the internet. This app is built to send all data through its VPN server and compress videos and photos on apps and websites. It compresses videos from YouTube or other social media on request or if enabled. This app can help you save half the data that were to be used.

4. Turn Off Mobile Dataturn off your data

This is the simplest way to reduce data usage on any device. Turn off your mobile device and enable it only when it is needed. Though, turning off your mobile data may keep you off instant notification, but it’s the best and traditional mode of conserving data usage.

5. Stream with Caution and Reduce Video ResolutionOnline streaming data saving

Video streaming through Instagram or other social media platform can be responsible for draining of one’s mobile data within an hour or minutes, depending on the time frame of the video. It may not be easy to ignore entertaining fair on the social media platform, but streaming with caution and reduction of video resolution will be a great deal to manage data consumption.

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