GB whatsapp review: Features and how to download

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For sometime, the GB whatsapp has been on people’s phones. If you have not yet downloaded it on your own smartphone I don’t know what you are waiting for. Maybe a review like this? GB whatsapp is a mod of whatsapp messenger that allows its users do cool and amazing stuffs you couldn’t achieve with the normal whatsapp app.

The app is very fast and free to download so you do not have to worry about paying any extra cash to keep it on your phone. It was released few months ago and has immediately gone viral.

It provides additional features to whatsapp users and it comes in handy for performing some specific operations.

One of the coolest feature of this app is that you can set it up to suit you and make changes according to how you want it. Another important thing to enjoy is that you don’t need to root your smartphone before installing it. We all know that when you root your phone, we can unlock additional features of an app but it may be risky because the phone can get contaminated with virus or have serious software  issues.

This app is a 100% secured way for android users to get their hands on an amazing chatting experience. In simpler words, GB whatsapp is a mod version of the original whatsapp messenger you have on your phone. Only that it enhances some features and makes it extra cool.

Once upon a time, whatsapp were blocking accounts that were using third party apps but now it is safe to use.

Let us take a look at the features of the GB whatsapp

As mentioned earlier, GB whatsapp has a lot of features and below are the full amazing features you can find on this app:

  1. Delete and recall sent messages on whatsapp: The original whatsapp can only delete but with the GB whatsapp, you can also undo your delete and recall those deleted messages.
  2. Hide or view status privacy
  3. You can save status, stories and hide chats
  4. You can share videos of 50mb
  5. No issues with video chatting
  6. You can hide last seen, blue tick, yellow tick and even your “typing” status
  7. You can also copy other people’s status to your clipboard
  8. You can send a broadcast message to 600 people at the same time
  9. You can enter up to 250 characters in your status instead of 139
  10. Over 100 language support
  11. You can change your theme instead of using the normal trademark theme
  12. You can as well install with the original whatsapp without having issues at all
  13. You can also create your own whatsapp theme and then submit it to GB for approval
  14. Instead of the usual 10 images, you can send 90 images to one person at the same time without having any issues at all
  15. There is also a security feature for anyone who wants privacy
  16. Also, you can change the notification and icon

Below is a screenshot of what the GB whatsapp looks like:

Gb whatsapp screenshot

While other people are still using the old whatsapp messenger, you are open to new cool and amazing features but you should also know that it is not completely secure, since it is a mod version of the original whatsapp we all know.

It should not stop you from trying it out but do not use your main or business account on the GB whatsapp as all your data and chats may be viewed by the creator. So any big business proposal or plan, or any confidential conversation should be made on the original whatsapp.

So, there you have it. GB whatsapp has amazing features but it may not be as secured as you think.

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