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November 6, 2020
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Download Brawlhalla Mobile Mod APK + OBB latest version 5.0 with unlimited gold Fight for glory in the halls of Valhalla!

Brawlhalla is an Android-based free fighting game with more than 40 million active players that allows multi-player of up to 8 users in a single match with full cross-play.

Join casual free-for-alls, queue for ranked matches, or make a custom room with your friends. Frequent updates. Fifty unique characters and counting. Fight for glory in the halls of Valhalla!

brawlhalla mobile apk

Summary of Brawlhalla Mobile APK

Brawlhalla Mobile is an action fighting game developed by a famous publisher that published the Hungry Shark Evolution game, Ubisoft Entertainment.

Description Of Brawlhalla Mobile Game

Blue Mammoth Games initially owned Brawlhalla, and this game was available for download on platforms like Play Station,  Xbox, and PC. In March 2018, the game publisher Ubisoft purchased Blue Mammoth Games.

Having known Ubisoft for producing exciting mobile games, they promised to create a mobile version of Brawlhalla in the name Brawhalla Mobile and the latest version was released on the 3rd of August 2020.

The gameplay

Brawlhalla Mobile has fascinating gameplay. Your mission in this game is to knock your opponent off the ring.

By controlling the movement of your character and maintaining a severe attack, you can create intensive combat situations.

You can pick weapons that appear randomly on the map. Each time you attack opponents, the damage signal appears typically in red or white color. Once the colour is getting closer to red,  there is a chance that your opponent will be knocked out of the ring, which will make them lose their life.

Control in this game is so optimized in mobile devices. Players can control their characters with an in-screen button. This control encompasses moving, attacking, picking up weapons, dodging, and more.

Game Modes Brawlhalla

Brawhalla Mobile is available for both online and offline play with many game modes. You can start with 1vs1 and then move to higher game mode with other players.

Below are game modes in Brawlhalla Mobile

  • Free-For-All
  • Strikeout
  • Experimental.
  • Brawl of the week.
  • Many more…

The Brawl of the week game is a unique game mode with a different number of players and combat missions. For example, the Free-For-All method will be a chaotic battle, in which four players will fight to gain points. The player with the most points will win the final.

Characters in Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla Mobile character

Brawlhalla Mobile features all the characters available in the PC version of this game. Each character has unique skills and abilities. It is not easy to identify the most robust role in this game because they all have different weapons and fighting skills. Each character can choose a maximum of 2 evidence from a catalogue of 12 guns.

There are more than 45 characters in this game, and their differences depend on their appearance and which weapon they use. So let’s take a look at some of them in this game.

  • Ada: Ada uses Blasters and a Spear as her weapons. She’s got good strength and skill, but low armour. She used to be a secret operative for a shadowy company but has since escaped. She’s ago formed her post-punk band and guerrilla fighters—standard stuff.
  • Artemis: Artemis is a Scythe and Rocket Launcher wielding speedster. She used to be an average human but has since accidentally destroyed a star system to create her armour. She also really dislikes Orion due to stories she read as a child.
  •  Asuri: Asuri uses Katars and a Sword. She has a high dexterity stat and pretty good speed too. She’s related to legends from along the Art river, where a tiger protects all that is good there. She also once broke the opponent’s nose for having a laser pointer.
  •  Azoth: This dead king uses an Axe and a Bow. He has high strength but is a little bit slow as a result. King Azoth the Great was once an emperor who delved into dark magic in the hope that he could save his empire. He takes the occasional break from fighting in the tournaments to lay siege to the world of the living.
  •  Barraza: Barazza uses Blasters and an Axe. He is also something of a tank with high armour but low ability and speed. He’s a Mad Max character, so expect violence and a will of steel from him.

Now you’ve got an overview of each character; you might want to know who’s best. Why not check out all Brawlhalla character List.

The weapons

Brawlhalla mobile weapons

Brawlhalla Mobile has 12 different weapons. So, the player can freely choose from these 12. With some new mechanisms like you can throw that weapon, or arms can fall off from the opponent when attacked too hard. Take a look at the weapon list.

  • Ax: This is a heavy weapon with a low attack speed but a powerful attack.
  • Blasters: This kind of weapon is like a dual-barrel gun with bullets.
  • Bow: a long-range weapon with moderate attack speed and medium damage.
  • Cannon: A heavy weapon similar to Ax with the great shoot.
  • Gauntlets: A weapon that has a close range, high attack speed, but relatively low damage.
  • Grapple Hammer: This is a heavy weapon with lots of power and many interesting properties.
  • Orb: A weapon developed based on unique magic controlled by quick attacks.
  • Katars: This is a new weapon with two cutlery blades, which has a unique attack.
  • Rocket Lance: A heavy weapon with a lot of power. It is suitable for aerial combat situations.
  • Scythe: This weapon is designed to resemble the knife of death. It possesses many sound effects.
  • Spear: This is a fast weapon with a better range than other melee weapons.
  • Sword: a weapon with good melee attacks and stable power.

Brawlhalla Mod APK Download

Having seen the great features of this game, you may still want to get the Brawlhalla Mod APK latest version with unlimited gold free for Android.  In this crack version of the Brawlhalla game, you’ll get a few extra benefits ahead of the original version.

  • Get Brawlhalla Mod APK unlimited money

With this addition, you can buy all content without having to grind for coins! So, download this version now.


Brawlhalla Mobile game is indeed an exciting fighting game, especially for Android users. It doesn’t require any internet connection to play this game because it is available both online and offline. Download the latest version of this game from this page and enjoy the fascinating features of this game.

What's new

- New Anniversary event with exclusive items!
- New Skin for Bödvar, new Podium, Colors, & more.
- Introducing a new feature, Title rewards.
- During the event, players can claim a free “Reveler” Title!
- Event features a new UI theme takeover & daily login bonus of 250 Gold!
- Brawlhalla’s Synthwave Battle Pass Season 2 continues with new weekly missions!
- New Test Features, Game improvements & Bug Fixes
- Updated free-to-play Legend Rotation!
- More information at

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