Get Better Image Effects with Top Android Apps

Phone imaging has accelerated in recent years, with smartphones featuring three or even more cameras on the back and megapixel counts increasing at an alarming rate.

Despite the superior sensors, some images will need to be touched up. That’s where image editing applications come in handy. Many smartphones are equipped with a default gallery tool with basic picture editing options, but if you want to go beyond that, you’ll need to use specialized apps to edit your photos. We’ve put up a simple list to help you pick the best picture editing applications available on the Play Store.

1. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is among the most prominent photo editing applications in 2021, with 499 million+ downloads. It has an installed camera and a social networking site for sharing images. Collage creation, frames, stickers are among the other features. You must deal with advertisements even though the program is free with just some in-app purchases.

Special Features

  • Brush mode is used to apply effects to specific areas of a photograph.
  • AI-powered features are constantly changing.
  • Built-in camera with real-time camera effects. Layers and variable opacity were used to create double views.

2. camera for instagram filters & effects: IG filters

The Android app also includes animation skills and the Sky Replacement feature, which allows you to alter the background of your snaps. It allows you to add live camera filters and effects as you take photos. It has real time camera effects. The Android picture editor is free to download.

Key Features

  • Photobombers and unwanted objects can be removed using an evidenced program.
  • Default artistic picture effects such as Lomograph, vintage camera, HDR, and much more
  • A tool for eliminating haze, fuzz, and mist from photos
  • There are many customization options and filters that you can find on this app.

3. Snapseed

Snapseed is a robust Android editor with a plethora of options. It is also infomercial and free of charge. Snapseed comes with 29 various tools and a variety of filters to let you change the look of your photos. After you’ve finished altering the file, you may effortlessly share it with your friends. Snapseed is the most special photo editing software for Android. 

4. InShot Photo Editor Pro

InShot Photo Editor is a competent editor. It is a brand-new style editor that includes many features such as camera filters and effects, icons, and other similar effects. These effects are organized in a store-like arrangement, but you can also pick and choose which ones you would like to install. Naturally, some of these are only accessible with the pro subscription, so plan accordingly. In any case, it does have the ability to alter photos.

5. Pixlr

Pixlr is another top free photo-editing application available in 2021. It comes with all of the features that a user would require. It includes over 2 million freeware effects and filter variations. You can post the photographs to numerous social networking sites immediately.

Special Features

  • The most often used effect or overlay can be marked as Favorite.
  • Exceptional on-the-fly enhancing tools
  • Automatically balances colour in an image with the auto-fix feature.
  • Having up to 25 pictures and a variety of layouts, backgrounds, and spacing settings, you may create a collage.

6. Motion Leap

Motion Leap is a beautiful photography tool that performs some pretty unique stunts. With a few simple whacks and touches, it transforms static photos into GIF-style visuals. The effect is most effective with water or clouds, although there are numerous additional applications. 

Other advantages include adding things that were not previously there and overlay that can enhance the ambience of a photograph. It will not remove the red-eye or crop your shot. The possibility to add various extra camera filters and effects, on the other hand, is very excellent. However, we enjoy the fact that we may purchase the software in its entirety if we so desire.