Can You Bet Online in Games of FIFA? (Find Out) 

The increasing popularity of online sports betting has made it a hot subject in the last few years.

However, you might not have realized that the industry has also expanded to cover bets on video games. With this in mind, let’s take a look to see how you can play some wagers on this game. 

Look for the Esports Section

Similar to any other sport bet, the first step is to go to an online sportsbook that you can access in the region where you live. Once you enter you’ll see a big list of the most popular sports in your area. So if you live in the US you’ll see the likes of football and basketball. You want to look for the esports section, which might be under a tab or filter such as ‘other sports’.

Esports is the term used for competitive gaming, and it’s become a massive industry all over the planet in the last few years. With big leagues formed and teams with lots of followers, it was a natural choice for sportsbooks to add it to their more established betting options.

You’ll find a range of games in the esports section of any good betting site. The most popular games typically include StarCraft, CS:GO, and League of Legends. These are the most commonly played games in the esports world right now, so it’s no surprise to see them available for wagers too.

FIFA isn’t as widely available as those classic games, but with a bit of searching you should find some games to place wagers on. As with any type of sports bet, this is easier to do when a major tournament is about to take place.

What Types of Bets Are Available?

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice on sportsbooks is that you can place bets on upcoming events or on those that are taking place right now. The odds may be more attractive for events that aren’t going to take place for a while, as it’s obviously more difficult to accurately predict the outcome in these cases 

The most common bets on esports are similar to those that you might have seen on more traditional sports. This means wagers on things like who will be the eventual winner and what the final score or difference in points or goals will be.

While this is the simplest type of bet, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get right. Of course, if you follow FIFA online tournaments closely you may feel confident about getting it right. The odds will be shown beside each option, and when you enter an amount of stake you’ll see how much you’ll win if you get it right.

More complex wagers could include the first team to score a goal, and who wins the first or second half of the games. These bets can make it more interesting for you, especially if you’re following the action live.    

How to Find a Sportsbook and Bet?

You don’t need to sign up to a sportsbook in any special way to place bets on FIFA games and other esports events. The starting point is to look for a trusted betting site where you can wager safely and conveniently.

Reading some online reviews is a good idea, as this lets you see which sites are popular in your region. You can then visit the site and join up. Look to see if there are any bonus offers that let you place a free wager or increase your first deposit after you register.

You’ll also want to fund your account at some point, so check what options are open to you. Typically, you can use bank cards or electronic wallets to move money in and out of your betting account. Some sportsbooks also now accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, to give you faster and cheaper transactions.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to start betting on FIFA games. As mentioned earlier, you should look in the esports section for the next games. There might be nothing offered when you check, meaning that you have the option of looking for another type of game to bet on or else coming back later to check again. 

If you have money in your betting account, you just need to choose the type of bet you want to make. You’ll then be asked to indicate the amount you want to wager before you confirm the bet. Be sure to check the details on your bet slip before you confirm it.

If you get it right, the winnings you collect will be automatically paid into your account. There’s no need to do anything to get your money. You can then decide whether to withdraw your winnings or look for something else to wager on. With esports wagering becoming ever more popular, we can expect to see more FIFA options in the future.