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28 August 2020
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Have you heard of Bev Q APK free download for online liquor? If you are in Kerela India, and wanted a way to buy liquor but due to this pandemic you are scared of associating with people as a way to cut-down the spread of Covid-19 then I have something for you.

Now with the help of this app am about to share with you, you don’t need to go out of your house any longer to get liquor, all you need to do is to use your and smartphone and install Bev Q APK free download.

This app will help in promoting social distancing in the alcohol shops. The Kerala Government has launched a very unique initiative in the tough times of Coronavirus Pandemic for Liquor Store Online Booking.

What is Bev Q APK?

Bev Q APK is an Android based app designed to help people buy liquor online from the confort of their home, this app was developed by Ernakulam-based firm to reduce queue at liquor stores and increase social distancing.

The way Bev Q app works is that it will show you all the liquor shop around you and the content of their store from the comfort of your.

How Does It Work?

Though Bev Q app is an app that help you to buy liquor only, still we can say that this app is an e-commerce app.

The way this app works is that, first you need to register with a valid means of identification like:

  • Government Approved ID
  • Resident ID Number
  • Personal Bio Details

After a successful registeration, you will get an e-token, this Bev Q app e-token will help you to book appointment with liquor stores owner to know when you will come and buy your drinks.

Your Bev Q e-token will contain information like:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Date Of Availability
  • Time of availability
  • E-token number or serial number
  • Purchase center.

Note that after generating a Bev Q e-token, you are abound to make your self available at the liquor store at the appointed time. Failure to be at the shop at the scheduled tome in your Bev Q app will result to terminating of order.

How to apply for Bev Q APK e-token

Here are the nasic steps to take when getting a Bev Q e-token

  • Download the Bev Q APK (The link Available On this site)
  • Ensure that you enabled unknown source in your device.
  • Locate the downloaded Bev Q APK and install it.
  • Follow the installation process till it’s completed.
  • Then launch the app.
  • In a case whereby the app is not compatible with your phone, report at KSBC official website.
  • When you launch the app click on Apply For Liquor Token
  • The next page will demand you to put your government ID, residentail ID …
  • After filling the necessary documents click on apply.
  • You will get an instant token with all the necessary information.
  • Follow this step anytime you want buy liquor with Bev Q apk.

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Conclusion On Bev Q APK

Bev Q is indeed a great way to cut short the spread of Covid-19 in this terrible time. Now you can make enquiries about any liquor shop and get to know the content of their store.

If you are an alcoholic drink addict, this is an answered prayer in this lockdown because you can buy drinks and enjoy your normal daily activities.

If you don’t have business with any liquor shop, this app is not for you. But you can still share it with your friends and family perhaps someone who doesn’t know about it may find it helpful.

I want to know what you think about the Bev Q apk using the comment section below.

What's new

New features added :

1) Users can select Outlet.
2) Pincode can be changed.