Admob Self Click Tricks 2021 With VPN [Guide]

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Hello Buddies ! :wave:

Many of us who has the knowledge of Android app development have been working hard creating  Android apps so as to make money online using Google Admob, but at the end of the day we earn 0.50 -1$ a day while other network pays up to 10-20$.

In today’s episode, I will unveil to you guys the secret on how to make money with Google Admob Self Click. I will be giving you the basic information you may need to add extra cash to your bank account using Google Admob. But before we proceed I will like to brief you on what Google Admob is and how it works.

What Is Google Admob?

AdMob is Google’s advertising platform for promoting and monetizing mobile applications(Android and IOS). It allows mobile App developers to monetize their apps through this platform, and provides intelligent insights via Google Analytics. So without wasting much of our time let’s go ahead and create a Google Admob account

How To Create Google Admob Account

Follow the easy steps below to create your own admob account.

  • Visit the Admob webpage by clicking this link or copy it to your browser
  • Click on Sign Up button which is visible at the top right hand side.Google Admob sign Up Page
  • Then enter the email and password which you want to create an AdMob account with (Most be a Gmail account).
  • After that choose your country (Nigeria), select time zone [(UTC+05:30) Lagos]
  • Select currency [US Dollar (USD $)]
  • Agree to there terms and conditions
  • Now you can say HELLO to your Admob dashboard
  •  Click on “Apps” on the left side of your dashboard then scroll to “ADD YOUR FIRST APP”.Admob self click apps
  • After this you will have an option that says you have published your app on Google Play or the App Store? You have to click on “NO”>
  • In app name you can give whatever you want to name your app and tick on “android” in platform section then click on “ADD” buttonApp Information
  • then click on “NEXT: CREATE AD UNIT”.AdMob ads unit
  • After this you have to select Ad Unit like banner, Interstitial etc.

Now you are done creating Admob account, I know the question going through your mind is how do I create an app, do I need to pay a developer to create an app for me before I  can start earning? If that’s your worries then I got you covered, I will show you how to get your own earning app within 10 minutes.

How To Create Your Own Google Admob Self Click App

To create your own Android App that will earn you money from Google admob, the steps below will make your dreams real.

Check the download section on this page and download the following apps below

  1. First you have to download Apk Editor
  2. Download Editable APK App by
  3. Install the two App and Launch Apk Editor.
  4. Click on Select Apk from Apps Apk Editor
  5. Locate the Editable APK by tricksvile [ULEH] and click on it.
  6. Then Click on Full Edit (Resource Re-Build).
  7. Then Click On Decode All Files.
  8. Then Scroll Down and locate admob_interstial_id
  9. Scroll down a bit And locate banner_ad_unit_idApk editor
  10. Replace those codes with the corresponding Ad Units in your own Admob account.
  11. After changing the code click on Build at the top right hand sideAdmob earning tricks
  12. Next click on Install so that changes will take effect.

How To Click On Your Admob Ads Without Being Caught.

The tricks behind making huge amount from Google Admob is nothing else but by clicking on your Ads by yourself but with a VPN. Do you say VPN ? Yes VPN

What Is A VPN ?

VPN or Virtual Private Network gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public network like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet connection. VPNs mask your IP while surfing online.

The work of VPN Here is to make your internet connection appear as if you are from another country, And while using the VPN you need to target countries with high CPC.

There different VPN’s out there that are doing well check out the list of VPNs you can use for your admob self click tricks.

  1. Express VPN
  2. Hide My Ass VPN
  3. Windscribe VPN
  4. Turbor VPN

I personally recommend any of the above listed VPN for the Admob Self Click tricks to ensure standard security.

How To Click On Your Ads Without Being Caught

To click on your Ads you have to be very wise by making sure that your activities are secured to avoid getting banned

  1. First launch the VPN and connect to country with high CPC like USA, Canda, UK
  2. Open the Earning App and allow the Ads to pop up, stay on the Ads for like one minute and close the App.
  3. Repeat this like 8 to 10 times
  4.  Click on any Ads
  5. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache
  6. Clear VPN and App cookies to avoid tracking you
  7. Connect the VPN to another country and repeat the same process.
  8. Do it maximum of 15 times daily.

To Click on your Ads Ensure That You Do the Following Things:

  1. Do not use chrome as your default browser: Why you should not use chrome as your default browser is because Chrome browser is owned and managed by google and they can easily track you.
  2. Do not click Ads that directs to Google Playstore: Clicking on Ads that directs to playstore is another risk on it’s own because it will make it more easier for them to track you using your Email.
  3. Click Without VPN: Atimes try and click on the Ads without making use of the VPN.

That’s all you need to know for on how to make money with admob self click. In my next post I will show you how to get automated page view to the earning Apps and increase your earnings. Hope you enjoyed the tutorials, you can bookmark this page to follow update on this post.

If you have any problem, I mean any problem at all am always available to provide you with a solution kindly drop a comment below and I will reply in less than 24 hours.

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