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6 Best Naija News Apps to Stay Updated (Download Links for Android)

This post  highlights all the best and latest Naija news apps for Android.

It is indisputable that Nigerians love to know what is happening around them all the time and they like to know them fast. With Nigeria’s population, different events and happenings spur up from different parts of the country all most every minute.

And since Nigeria is a fast developing country and Nigerians are catching up fast on technological advancement. The traditional time of having to wait till you get home behind your television or waiting for the vendor to know the latest happenings is over. Listed below are top mobile apps of websites that will keep you updated on the latest events in the country throughout the day.

Upon installation, these apps give you easier access to news and events in and outside Nigeria. You don’t need to fill your skull with the millions of website URLs out there and you can now avoid the tricks played by annoying browsers. Just Install one or more of these apps and you can get instant notification for new stories and events in Nigeria.

List of top 6 Naija News Apps to get the latest news info.

1. News24 Nigeria

news24Nigeria app

This is Nigeria’s premier source of news online. Get breaking news on both local and international events. You can also get access to top stories from the sport and entertainment world.

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Also included in the app is a weather forecast feature and a beautiful multimedia gallery.

Download News24Nigeria Android App.

2. Punch Mobile



This is the app for one of the most popular newspaper in Nigeria, “The Punch”. Their amazing news delivery service from the old newspaper days has been brought to the modern age of mobile application. Punch Mobile is your go-to-app for breaking news and latest happenings in Nigeria on the go.

Download Punch Mobile Android App.

3. Channels 24


channels24 app

This app allows you to live audio and video streams as well as recorded shows which you can watch online or download to watch offline. The app is quite impressive with nice features such as friendly user interface and interactive media experience with the radio reporter feature, prompt notification service and flash poll feature. Despite all these, this app still has more to offer, it is perhaps one of the best Naija news apps thus far.

Download Channels 24 App From Google Play Store.

4. Nigerian Tribune


Nigerian tribune app

Like Punch, the Nigerian Tribune is also a force to reckon with to keep up with up-to-date news on entertainment and political events in Nigeria and around the world. Their service is round the clock that is you get 24 hours supply of information.

Download Nigerian Tribune Android App.

5. Nigerian Newspapers Today


Nigeria newspaper today 1This is an amazing app that provides you with a collection of the biggest Newspapers and magazines in Nigeria from the Internet. You get to read the latest news from Nigerian top newspapers and news blogs online and offline. The app works by using RSS feeds to provide you with breaking news and headlines on entertainment, Fashion, Sport, Business, Music and online shopping.

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Download Nigerian Newspapers Today Android App.

6. app

This is the mobile app for that Nigeria’s popular multi-dimensional website. The mobile platform is equally dedicated to serving you 24/7 continuous updates across events, movies, music, comedy, lifestyle, business, celebrities and more. What is spectacular about is that it has been able to prove itself as a worthwhile news and media platform with original contents in a short period of time.

Download Android App.


The apps above are by no means the only available Naija news apps. In fact, there are plenty but those are the ones we’ve handpicked and recommend.

Get any of the apps above to stay informed on happenings in Nigeria and the world at large as they say ‘Information is power’.

If you think there is any other app worth adding to the list, please use the comment box below to let us know.


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